6 Lessons I Learned in 2018

goals Jan 02, 2019

6 Lessons I learned in 2018

1. Put PEOPLE First. this is the #1 lesson I learned this year, in business and in my personal life, is that people come first. Your core team and the people you surround yourself with is KEY. Align yourself with those who challenge you, support you and level you up! Everything in life is a PEOPLE game, creating relationships, doing good and just being your best self to the people around you and listening to their needs comes first.

2. Create PERSONAL time. Schedule time to unwind and recharge. We are always so "busy". Ensure that you schedule time for yourself away from digital devices. This helped me get grounded and spark creativity.

3. Craft a PLAN. Its the new year and we are all writing down our goals. But this is a habit that has to be done daily. Plan your hours, days, weeks and even months ahead. Commit, to planning your days with a few key action steps that help point you to your GOALs because without a map you will have no direction to your...

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